Photograph taken by Nico Zevallos

Born and raised in the D.C.-Metropolitan area, Helen Sánchez Stoddard (They/Them) is a Salvadoran-American visual artist and social communicator whose work reflects digging into their own cultural roots and natural surroundings. They are the creator and owner of Little Sánchez Studio, a visual arts studio + press that offers selections of their artwork, as well as self-published books.

Being a natural storyteller, Helen weaves together their bicultural upbringing that are tested in a contemporary landscape of political unrest, passed-down trauma and their in the larger narrative of immigration/borderlands. Their understanding of the importance of healing and navigating their queerness through various spaces also informs their work.

Helen processes these ideas either metaphorically or very much in-your-face through photography, painting, illustration and/or words.

Helen received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University-School of the Arts in 2014. They have exhibited their work nationally in Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, Phoenix, AZ, Philadelphia, PA and internationally in Edinburgh, UK.

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