Photograph taken by Nico Zevallos

Born and raised in the D.C.-Metropolitan area, Helen Sánchez Stoddard is a Salvadoran-American artist who works in multiple mediums, with their primary focus in painting, illustration, and photography. Different seasons and tides bring new inspiration to their work.

A natural storyteller, Helen’s work is heavily influenced by flora and fauna from their travels (whether reflecting a time the Sonoran Desert stole their heart or they became an honorary Mexican, living and loving the land over eight months as an ESL teacher), while paying homage to their indigenous roots and folklore carried over generations. It is the simple pleasures of life that are tested in a contemporary political context, where immigration reform and passed-down trauma are important to understand and heal from. Navigating queerness in various spaces also informs their work.

Helen received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University-School of the Arts in 2014. They have exhibited their work in Washington, DC, Richmond, Brooklyn, Phoenix, Philadelphia and Edinburgh.

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